Each tooth needs an adequate zone of non-moveable (attached) gingiva on the outside of the tooth to allow proper chewing and brushing. Gingival recession frequently occurs when the tooth is positioned closer to the cheek than in an ideal situation. Gingival recession can be worsened by use of an abrasive toothpaste and/or a hard toothbrush in conjunction with ineffective technique.

Soft Tissue Allograph (acellular dermis) is from a donor bank.   It is used to create a zone of attached (non-moveable) soft tissue , similar to gum tissue.   Every tooth or dental implant needs a zone of non-moveable soft tissue to protect it during chewing and brushing.  

When gingival recession occurs on the cheek/lip side of only one tooth, then sometimes non-moveable attached gingiva (gum tissue) can be rotated over  from an adjacent tooth and a soft tissue allograft placed over the donor tooth.