Dr. Sehler is an expert at what he does. He is very thorough and informative about the process.
He is always available if need be. His dental assistant, Genesis, is also very caring and knowledgeable.

-Mary Remmel in Brookfield, WI | Oct 16, 2019

Excellent! Dr. Sehler is very professional and thorough. Through my multiple experiences, I've appreciated how he would always explain what he was doing and why and just how gentle he was during the procedures. Highly recommended!

-Bill F. in Brookfield, WI | Oct 6, 2019

Thanks to Dr. Stanley, I feel better. He is very friendly in his office and takes care of your teeth and pain. He always ask is you are ok. I will recommend anyone to go see him.

-Laura Kyle in Milwaukee, WI | Sep 19, 2019

Dr. Sehler is the best Dental Implants Periodontal I ever have. His service was excellent and offer flexible payment plans. I would definitely recommended for any one who would like to get their teeth treatment.

-Jet Her in Milwaukee, WI | Sept 19, 2019

Dr. Sehler was very helpful explaining everything he was doing and why. I've had no problems and very little pain. After a day I felt fine.

-Anthony Valenti in Fox Point, WI | Sept 19, 2019

Once again, Dr. Sehler and his team have done a wonderful job in all of the follow up work that I had done last year and my mouth and original teeth are solid again, better to the point they are regenerating bone and enamel! He is the most straight forward in his diagnosis and treatment. He is completely honest with me when it comes to options, insurance company pre-approvals, and yearly maximums. His treatment is done with tremendous care and saving.

- Paul Bradley in Wauwatosa, WI | Aug 26, 2019

I recently had an implant with Dr Sehler' I'm a medically complicated patient and felt extremely comfortable during and after the procedure. Dr. Sehler talked and showed me everything going on throughout the procedure and explained why. He was not and does not see other patients during the procedure and dedicates himself to you. If you need an implant he's the one to see.

- James Kaufman in Franklin, WI | Aug 21, 2019

Dr. Sehler is kind, down to earth and professional. I had a gum graft/transplant. He explained everything, every step of the way as well as making follow up calls after the procedure. This surgery was far easier and less painful than I expected. I would highly recommend him.

- Cynthia Broemser in New Berlin, WI | Aug 19, 2019

Dr. Sehler did a great job with my teeth. He worked with my dentist in correcting an issue and things went great.

- Clyde Peschl in Hartford, WI | Aug 18, 2019

A through dentist who really thinks of you. Dr. Sehler called me several times to check on my progress days after the procedure. I liked that and he also worked well with my normal dentist to keep her informed and up to date. I would recommend Dr. Sehler to friends and family.

- Clyde Peschl in Hartford, WI | Aug 8, 2019

Really not sure that you'll find a more professional or experienced Periodontist. Dr. Sehler is more than willing to share the details on his recommended procedures every step of the way for those whom are interested. I am in fact am one of those patients. One couldn't ask for a better bedside manner. Truly makes you feel comfortable. Add a great sense of humor to the mix and
I would not be anywhere else.

- Michael Daley in Milwaukee, WI | Aug 3, 2019

Dr. Sehler thoroughly explained what procedure I would need done and the options I had. When I arrived, I was feeling anxious and he took the time to reassure me and provide me with a comfortable experience.

- Brittany Manning  in Brookfield, WI | Jul 30, 2019

Great service. My teeth are better than they have been in years.

- Tim Ackmann in Milwaukee, WI | July 22, 2019

I highly recommend Dr. Sehler. Dr. Sehler performed a fairly extensive bone graft. He did an outstanding job with little or no pain. He is very thorough, explains the procedure in layman's terms and he has an excellent bedside manner. Both Dr. Sehler and his team are compassionate about patient care.

- Tom Czaja in Mequon, WI | June 22, 2019

Dr. Sehler and his staff were great. The Doctor was very kind and took my concerns seriously. They made the whole process go smoothly and of course painless. I would highly recommend them.

- Kim Dobberstein,  New Berlin, WI | June 19, 2019

I was very pleased with my experience with Dr. Sehler and his staff. By the time I was finished with my appointments, I felt like we were old friends. Everything was explained very thoroughly before and after my procedure, and Dr. Sehler even made a follow up call to me at home to see how I was doing the next day. He and his staff were kind, professional, up to date on current dental procedures and went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable with the process and end result. I felt very confident that
I was in good hands.

- Denise Olson Jenich, Wauwatosa, WI | June 6, 2019

I had my first and only dental implant done in Nov. 2017. Dr. Sehler explained everything thoroughly and made sure I understood what he was doing in each step. At my check up, he reminded me of maintenance steps I needed to do in a sensitive way. I have since been doing those to keep my gums healthy around the dental implant.

- Susan F., New Berlin, WI | May 15, 2019

My experience at Dr. Sehler’s office was very pleasant. Dr. Sehler and his staff were comforting and explained everything to make me feel at ease. I also appreciated the follow up phone call the next day from Dr. Sehler. Thanks for your great work and kindness.

- Chariss Florez in Milwaukee, WI | Apr 29, 2019

I felt like I was working with a very knowledgeable person, and totally understood the procedure he was going to do. He speaks very quickly, and at times it took a little while to understand what he was saying.

- Lynn Kordick in New Berlin, WI | Apr 24, 2019

I have been very pleased with work Dr. Sehler has done as I continue to heal I will continue my follow up. Taylor was quite a cheerleader and help me get through the difficult part.

- Roy Hill in Milwaukee, WI | Apr 23, 2019

I was very impressed with the professionalism of Dr. Sehler and his staff. I felt at ease, and felt I was in good hands. Dr. Sehler and his staff explained in great detail what to expect with regard to the procedure I was going to have. They followed up with me in a very timely manner to make sure I was not having any issues after my procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Sehler to anyone
in need of his services.

- Diane Arnold in Waukesha, WI | Apr 11, 2019

This is the 3rd procedure I've had done by Dr. Sehler. He and his staff are very skillful and friendly professionals Procedures were explained well so I knew what to expect. I appreciate how efficiently they work and with little to no pain.
Thanks again for another great job!

- Pam Seri in Waukesha, WI | Apr 6, 2019

I highly recommend Dr Sehler. He is kind, caring, and makes the extra effort to put his patients at ease. He and his staff take extra time to be sure patients and their family members understand the procedures and aftercare. Dr Sehler is knowledgeable about dental care and also about the Milwaukee area dental community. He works in close corroboration with the referring dentist to provide continuity of care. His office is conveniently located in Mayfair Mall.

-Barb Wagner in Milwaukee, WI | Mar 25, 2019

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Sehler and his staff. Dr. Sehler is extremely proficient and I trust him implicitly, however, another huge factor is that he really cares about his patients. (He even called me on a Saturday to see how I was doing!) In these days where so much medical care seems mechanical and impersonal, I was lucky to be referred to Dr. Sehler and his entire staff.

- Christine Happel in Milwaukee, WI | Feb 25, 2019

Dr. Sehler has provided my periodontal care for 21 years. I have found the periodontal care and advice he has provided to be consistently of the highest quality.

- Donald Solomon in Whitefish Bay, WI | Feb 15, 2019

Well, what can I say; good talk; didn't say much; Doc was in my mouth. Helpers where outstanding as usually.
I will keep see them!!!!!!!

-Paul Leistikow in S Milwaukee, WI | Feb 15, 2019

I had bone augmentation surgery procedure with Dr. Sehler in 2016. I have said all has gone well, just finished up having my 2nd yearly follow up visit on January 24. Dr.Sehler was very professional and thoroughly explained how the procedure would be done and how to maintain and care for the area to prevent further problems down the road. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

- John Kaiser in Brookfield, WI | Feb 2, 2019

This is the third time I have had bone augmentation surgery on this problem area. While I had no bad experiences with the other oral surgeons or surgeries, I can say this was the most thorough and positive. I took the antibiotics as recommended but had no need for the pain medications. Dr. Sehler explained what was being done each step of the way. I highly recommend. A true professional.

-Robert Sherwood in Menomonee Falls, WI | Feb 1, 2019

I have been with Dr. Sehler for over 5 years now. I am very thankful for Dr. Sehler and his staff! He is great with what he does! Thank you Dr. Sehler!

- Mai See Yang in Milwaukee, WI | Jan 28, 2019

I felt good about the dentists work. He knew his work very well. I didn’t have anything to worry about. He was very calm and explained every procedure as he went along in the appointment. It all went well.

- David Wagner in Milwaukee Wisconsin | Jan 19, 2019

Dr. Sehler and his assistants are very courteous. Dr. Sehler is very thorough in explaining his actions, and takes pride in his work. 

- Bill Kirschling in Milwaukee, WI | Jan 6, 2019

They are very attentive and they explain to me step by step all that I have to do. I am very happy with their service.
They are all very kind.

- Jose Busio in Waukesha, WI | Jan 4, 2019

I was referred to Dr. Sehler by my dentist. He throughly examined my mouth and agreed to what needed to be done! Dr. Sehler was aware of my insurance benefits before the end of the Year. He expedited all doctor contacts, medication concerns and all pain meds that would be best for me. Dr. Sehler was very thorough and genuinely aware of my needs during the procedure. He continually explained what he was doing. It was obvious the two assistants are trained to respect the patients’ needs as well as to assist
Dr. Sehler! It was a very positive experience!

-Sue Petersohn in  Pewaukee, WI | Dec 28, 2018

This is my second implant procedure with Dr. Sehler. I had the implant done on Friday, December 7th. I had zero swelling, pain or discomfort during the procedure as well as afterwards. I only took the antibiotic med that Dr. Sehler prescribed and did not need the pain meds he ordered up for me. I have to say both of my implant experiences with Dr. Sehler and his staff were outstanding. I just had my first follow up on this new implant on Tuesday, December 18th and per Dr. Sehler the implant looks great. We will follow up again on January 14, 2019. I highly recommend Dr. Sehler for implants because of his professionalism, candor regarding the procedure process, the follow ups on the implant as well as his and his staffs true concern during the procedure that I was never in any pain or discomfort. Please consider Dr. Sehler should you have the misfortune of needing implants placed into your jaw
due to the need for extractions. Regards 

-Paul Bogusz in New Berlin, WI | Dec 19, 2018

Ya' know the old saying "Experience is the best teacher?" Well Dr. Sehler has years of experience and he is definitely the best dentist who has "taught" me a lot about what was happening in my mouth and how to best approach my current situation! Not only is he funny, but he is gentle and kind and has the patient's best interest in mind. I appreciated the way he educated me on why he would suggest certain procedures, and then left the final decision up to me. He was very comforting. His office staff and assistants were just as attentive to my needs as he was. I have been in a lot of "dental chairs" and his ranks at the very top.I can't imagine anyone ever having an unpleasant experience with him. One of the best parts about going there....they do all of the paperwork regarding insurance fees.....saves the patients a lot of time! I am SO HAPPY I made the decision to go to Dr.Sehler for my dental needs. He has the knowledge and best of all, he has the experience! Great Guy! I highly recommend him!!!!

- Michele N in Mequon, WI | Dec 14, 2018

"Thank you, thank you, for your delightful, relaxed manner, your explanations, your old fashion Sheboygan wit and charm and the amazing knowledge and proficiency you bring to your practice" 

- Joanne Charlton, in WI | Dec 5, 2018

I'd like to express a few words about why I am so pleased that I chose Dr. Sehler as my periodontist. First of all, Dr. Sehler thoroughly explains the procedure he recommends. He takes the time to answer any questions that I may have. After completing a procedure, he periodically follows up with phone calls to me checking to make sure that everything is going well. I also appreciate that he is easy going and has a great sense of humor. He also has a terrific staff supporting him along the way. I have complete trust in him and I would definitely recommend him to family members and friends.

- Hildegard B. in New Berlin, WI | Dec 4, 2018

Dr Sehler is the first no-nonsense dentist I have ever been to. He does exactly what needs to be done, doesn't try to sell you on anything, and he was completely honest with the situation going on in my mouth. He uses care in sensitive areas. His assistants are wonderful. His staff did all the insurance work for me. This is the first time I have full confidence in a dental office.

- Paul Bradley in Wauwatosa, WI | Nov 13, 2018

Dr. Sehler is a great dentist. He is totally “patient-oriented.” He explains procedures in detail and is committed to making them as pain-free as possible. He monitors the healing process by phone and, if need be, with office visits. Moreover, Dr. Sehler is simply a great guy: personable and knowledgeable with a great sense of humor

-Robert Jamison in Milwaukee, WI | Nov 9, 2018

I would highly recommend Dr. Sehler to anyone who is in the need of periodontal work, as his ability to educate his patients regarding his assessment of concerns, as well as the necessary procedures to address these concerns are paramount to his successful practice.  His support staffs are also extremely professional, highly knowledgeable and make your experience as
pleasurable as possible.

-Jon Eynon in Hartland, WI | Sept 13, 2018

I had two bone augmentation surgery procedures with Dr. Sehler, about 3-4 months apart. Dr. Sehler and his team is amazing. He knows what he is doing. Additionally, the doctor is very personable and caring! I really like Dr. Sehler and his team! I would highly recommend him!

-Shailja Tiku in Wauwatosa, WI | July 17, 2018

My appointments were very pleasant. I knew I was in the hands of a professional. His assistants were very good, too.

-Gregory Coulthard in WI | June 28, 2018

I’m grateful my dentist referred me to Dr. Sehler. He explained the procedure beforehand so I knew exactly what to expect. What I didn’t expect was how painfree the work would be. And he made sure to follow up afterwards to make sure everything was okay. Can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Sehler.

Kathy Kopperud in Wauwatosa, WI | June 27, 2018

Outstanding work, careful, and loves his job and funny.

-John Jashinsky in New Berlin, WI | June 16, 2018

I hate going to the dentist.  Dr. Sehler made it easier for me to go to the dentist now.  I am still leery of the dentist office because of prior work done incorrectly.  Not with Dr. Sehler but other dentists.  But with Dr. Sehler-he made it where I don't run in the other direction.  He is a good dentist and I am usually not in a whole lot of pain.  He has a good sense of humor, that  makes it easier to deal with.  Thanks to him and his staff, have made me feel comfortable.

- Linda Croft in Milwaukee, WI | May 14, 2018

I have been working with Dr. Sehler for over 10 years. A couple of gum surgeries and a tooth implant later (virtually pain free!), I thank him for helping to fulfill my personal dedication in saving my teeth. (My mother and siblings all have dentures.) He is always professional and personal with excellent support staff.

-Gerald Anderson in Milwaukee, WI | May 11, 2018

Very good experience. Very friendly. Offered explanations of why this happened, how it will be treated, and what to do going forward. Answered all my questions in a manner that I could understand. Thank you.

- Mark Jeffery in Greenfield, WI | May 3, 2018

Dr. Sehler and his staff have given me the royal treatment since I started seeing him 3 years ago.
He both professional and personable!!!

- Walter Harvey in Milwaukee, WI | May 1, 2018

Dr. Sehler is a knowledgeable and skilled practitioner who cares about his patients, trying to minimize any pain they might experience. I can't imagine anyone having more expertise and providing such a relatively pain free experiences. Friendly man, with friendly and professional staff. They made my implant a most positive experience.

-Gary Schnell in Brookfield, WI | Apr 27, 2018

Overall the implant repair surgery was done precisely as explained to me ahead of time. All of my questions were answered ahead of the procedure. Moreover, I was fully prepared well ahead of time with the prescription forms mailed to me so I could be ready the day of the surgery
and for what was necessary post-surgery.

During the procedure I was put as much at ease as feasible, given what was in store for the next 90 minutes. Both Kelly and Dr. Sehler were consistently checking with me to ensure I was comfortable and to let me know how the procedure was progressing throughout my time there.

Following the procedure I have been pain free and have no apparent complications. So it looks like I’m well along on the road to recovery.
I’m looking forward to making sure this surgery is a long-term success.

- Dave Lee in Wauwatosa, WI | Apr 22, 2018

I recently underwent gum surgery and bone graft procedure. They accommodated my schedule to get me in quickly. It was painless and no postop complications. I appreciated the follow up phone call checking on my status, would definitely recommend Dr. Sehler.
His staff was great to work with too.

- Mary Hintermeyer in Brookfield, WI | Apr 15, 2018

I just had my second implant done by Dr. Sehler. He is a highly experienced dental professional who does excellent work. His delightful sense of humor is a bonus. His assistant, Kelly, expedited the prior authorization process with our dental insurance company and all went smoothly with the process. Kelly is an experienced assistant and she made sure that I was comfortable throughout the procedure.

Dr. Sehler is located in a comfortable, newly remodeled suite in the Mayfair office building which has ample parking. I highly recommend Dr. Sehler to anyone considering having a dental implant.

- Jerry Styberg in Wauwatosa, WI | Apr 12, 2018

I was referred to Dr. Sehler by my dentist for some work on my gums. He made my experience comfortable and the results were awesome.

- Donovan Gregoire in Jackson, WI | Apr 12, 2018

I just had a dental implant procedure with Stan (Dr. Sehler). Just as with a previous gum surgery, he is the best I've ever been to. The level of care and personal attention is unlike anywhere else. Highly recommended!

-Dave Mitchell in Milwaukee, WI | Apr 11, 2018

Very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. I have been a patient for approx. 10 years and do not hesitate to recommend.

-Wendy in Richfield, WI | Apr 07, 2018

Dr. Sehler and staff are very friendly and professional. I received the best care possible for my 3 implants.

- Santia Cornish in Milwaukee, WI | Apr 3, 2018

“Dr. Sehler is a very thorough doctor, he reviews your medical history, does a thorough evaluation of what needs to be done, makes certain you are aware of what he will be doing, continually checks on your comfort level as he progresses with the procedure and checks on your recovery process. I would recommend Dr Sehler for gum surgery, bone implants and tooth implants of which I have experienced great success even as a diabetes 2 patient. Dr. Sehler is a wonderful and caring doctor and a tribute to his profession!”

- Fran Birschbach in Menomonee Falls, WI | Mar 28, 2018

“A very funny and passionate man that enables the patient to engage in his world of entertainment and fun. I enjoyed the experience with Dr. Sehler as he took me through a journey with him in my process towards better teeth. I thank him for his hospitality as I felt comfortable in his presence.”

- Mathew Cha in West Allis, WI | Mar 26, 2018

“I went in for 4 appointments, and each time it was a great experience. They made me feel very welcomed and explained each process to make me feel as comfortable as I could getting these procedures. I would give 5 out of 5 stars and will continue to go back whenever I am in need of their services.”

- Ed Landry in Wauwatosa, WI | Mar 26, 2018

“My experience was tremendous. No problems. Very professional staff. Made me feel very comfortable.”

- Scott Wysocki in Milwaukee,Wisconsin | Mar 23, 2018

"My family dentist referred me to Dr. Sehler for the special gum work I needed. The evaluation meeting went well; we had some good laughs, and I was immediately at ease. Dr. Sehler’s staff is very courteous and on point. They explained and answered any questions I had.
The consultation laid out exactly what I was in need of, and how Dr. Sehler would proceed. My medical need for blood thinner created a major factor, which Dr. Sehler was professionally knowledgeable about and ready to deal with.
He made the necessary contacts and got the requisite information from my primary care physician and cardiologist so he could proceed.
During the procedure for the upper and lower right side, it bled more so than the average patient, but Dr. Sehler and his associate, Kelly, were patient and professional. And, I might add, humorous, which made the process comfortable. Later, they gave me post-procedure pain pills and other items to use while recuperating. I phoned their office two days later to tell them, I did not have any of the pain I expected. If anything, I had what might be considered a low grade tooth-ache-feeling on my right side during the few days of healing.

That was nothing compared to what I was expecting to experience.
I based that anticipation on what others told me they suffered from their Periodontal procedure which they had at other dental offices.
I’d highly recommend Dr. Sehler and his office staff for anyone in need of these type dental services."

Michael Nichols in New Berlin, WI  | Mar 12, 2018

"I just received treatment from Dr. Sehler on Friday. This was a perio surgery for several of my upper teeth. I was dreading this surgery and expecting the worst! Dr. Sehler and his assistant were able to ease my anxiety all the way through the process. They did a great job and worked seamlessly together throughout the surgery. It went great to the extent that I did not even have to take pain pills after the surgery. I have been very comfortable and have not had any discomfort. He is truly a professional! Very meticulous about my care and explaining everything that would happen. He told me that after the surgery my high blood sugars would go down. They actually went down 50 points and are now normal. I would highly recommend Dr. Sehler for Dental Surgery.
I give him five out of five stars!"

Raul Terriquez in Milwaukee, WI | Mar 10, 2018

“Dr. Sehler and his staff treated me with a caring, professional manner and made me feel at ease during a complicated procedure.”

-Barbara Orlaska in Brookfield, WI | Feb 28, 2018

“It was the third of three procedures. Work was done on upper right rear gum line. It seemed rather difficult but the tech and the doctor were instructive and encouraging. We finished nearly on time even though it was a late start due to a prior emergency patient. It has been a good experience.”

- Carrie B. in Milwaukee, WI | Feb 21, 2018

“My experience with Dr Sehler was Great. Having a fear of all dental work, I waited with anxiety for my appointment, and it was all for nothing. Hearing his laughter relaxed me right away. My procedure went very well and following my two week checkup, everything is going perfectly. I can't thank Dr. Sehler and staff enough for their kindness and knowledge It was Great.”

- Daniel Stitt in Milwaukee, WI | Feb 6, 2018

"Dr. Sehler was professional, knowledgeable, meticulous, on point and very thorough. I would definitely recommend him. And what a friendly staff! Great experience all around."

-Fr. K | Jan 25, 2018

"I received very compassionate care and the staff is very friendly and kept me informed during every visit and surgery. The office called me the day after surgery to see how I was doing. Dr. Sehler went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable."

-Ed Landry in Sussex, WI | Jan 24, 2018

"As a repeat patient, I found Dr. Sehler, as usual, to be professional, understanding and informative of my dental needs. In my opinion, he is an outstanding dental professional and I would recommend him to others."

-Leonard Holston in Milwaukee, WI | Jan 24, 2018

"I like that everyone is nice.  The receptionists are very kind, and the doctor did a wonderful job."

-Jose Gonzalez in Milwaukee, WI | Jan 18, 2018

"Technically proficient (based on my individual positive experience), a clear communicator, efficient, and affable. Quite a combination. It's not Dr. Sehler's first rodeo. He knows what he's doing and takes the anxiety out of the process. 'It's more mental than dental.' As a very nice bonus, his staff is also great."

-Steve Steinhoff in Brookfield, WI | Jan 17, 2018

"Dr. Sehler’s office is managed with great professionalism. His assistants are courteous, experienced, and prompt. Dr. Sehler’s treatment reflected his expertise and knowledge. He works quickly and is very reassuring."

-Jan 16, 2018

"If you are someone who has a fear of dentists and need an implant, Dr. Sehler is your man. I am one of those who feared dentists and any dental work. Dr. Sehler is reducing this fear. I have had a couple of implants with not major discomfort. And he is careful and follows up. Really appreciate his care ."

-George Gerharz | Jan 11, 2018

"I am a multi-procedure patient of Dr. Sehler and recommend him as a professional, highly competent and personable periodontist. I have had osseous surgery (four quadrants) for periodontitis, distal wedge procedure and most recently soft tissue allografts (two quadrants) -- all were well explained beforehand, procedures went without complications, and post treatment instructions were clear. Dr Sehler and Lindsey are a good team and the new website provides useful information on their services."

-Tim in Oak Creek, WI | Jan 11, 2018

"I was referred to Dr. Sehler from my Dentist for an evaluation. Our first meeting made me feel like I had been knowing him for awhile. His warm, welcoming, and professional persona made me feel comfortable. After our initial meeting I knew that he was knowledgeable and capable of completing my procedure. His staff is very pleasant and efficient as well. I will continue to utilize his services in the future."

-Pamela Moore in Milwaukee, WI | Jan 04, 2018

"Dr Sehler is the best Dentist I have ever met every one went out the way to make me feel comfortable. The surgery associated is the best. The receptionist went out of her way to help me with the forms She sent all to me so I had them ready when i had me appointment. Everyone did a outstanding job."

-Jeffery T. Mente in West Allis, WI | Jan 04, 2018

"I was impressed by Dr. Sehler's interest in his patients as well as his competence."

-Brookfield, WI | Jan 03, 2018

"My visit with D.r Sehler was most pleasant. I was confident that I was in the hands of a professional who was courteous attentive experienced confident and even humorous. I would definitely recommend anyone who is in need of a periodontist to meet with Dr. Stanley Sehler."

-Fred Jackson in Milwaukee, WI | Dec 29, 2017

"Had a procedure yesterday. Wasn’t looking forward to it but it went great. Dr. Sehler and his staff are committed to their patients. They prepare you well, make sure you are comfortable throughout the process, and follow up with instructions and a phone call. Couldn’t be more pleased."

-Dec 22, 2017

"I've been a patient of Dr. Sehler's for many years. He is very professional and personable. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a Periodontist."

-Jim in Milwaukee, WI | Dec 12, 2017

"I have been seeing Dr. Sehler every six months for 37 years. Several dentists have told me that Dr. Sehler is the reason I still have my own teeth. Way to go Dr. Sehler!"

-Carolyn Wayer in Wauwatosa, WI | Nov 30, 2017

"It was a refreshing experience with Dr. Sehler. Being a physician myself, it is always curious to see how other professionals deliver their care. Dr. Sehler's bedside manner is one of the many things that I enjoyed, It was funny to hear about his trick-or-treat encounters with kids as being a dentist. A small talk like that would certainly put you in ease. His assistants were very attentive and kind. It was one of the most "enjoyable" and painless dental visits that I have experienced."

-Milwaukee, WI | Nov 16, 2017

"Dr. Sehler is awesome! I had a gum graft done and as uncomfortable as that sounds, he made the process easy and painless. I highly recommend him."

-Lauren in Milwaukee, WI | Nov 14, 2017

"I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Sehler and his staff. Their genuine kindness and care for the patient is paramount in their practice. Dr. Sehler's skill in dentistry is showcased by the results of his practice. I have had periodontal surgery, tooth extraction, dental implants and skin graft, all performed with skill and precision by Dr. Sehler and, may I add, all with a minimum of discomfort. Amazing."

-Christine O'Reilly in Colgate, WI | Nov 01, 2017

"I was referred to Dr. Sehler by my dental doctor Dr. Chuan Li for my periodontal problem. (You really need to take good care of your teeth from young!) Luckily, I am in good hands! Dr. Sehler and his team is so professional. He knows what he does and he is super nice and caring! His assistants are very friendly. I really appreciate Dr. Sehler and his team's efforts on me. Thank you all! "

-Jason in Menomonee Falls, WI | Oct 05, 2017

"I am a dental-phobic patient but Dr. Sehler's warmth and sense of humor made my visit for gum tissue surgery almost a pleasure. He has a gentle touch combined with skill and efficiency. Dr. Sehler and his assistant Lindsay were also very helpful with providing detailed instructions both before and after my procedure, making sure I could manage any pain and insure a proper recovery. The highest recommendation possible! "

-David Mitchell in Milwaukee, WI | Sep 20, 2017

I am a multi-procedure patient of Dr. Sehler and recommend him as a professional, highly competent and personable periodontics. I have had osseous surgery (four quadrants) for periodontitis, distal wedge procedure and most recently soft tissue allografts (two quadrants) – all were well explained beforehand, procedures went without complications and post treatment instructions were clear. Dr Sehler and Lindsey are a good team and the new website provides useful information on their services and treatment philosophy. Highly recommended for their quality of service.

-Tim Lueck in Milwaukee, WI | Sept 17, 2017

"I was very pleased with Dr. Sehler and his nurse Lindsey. I had Bone Graft Surgery and everything went very well. I felt like I was in good hands during the surgery. Dr. Sehler called me at home after the surgery to make sure that I was alright, and asked if I had any questions or if I needed anything. He also left his home number if I would need to call him. I would definitely recommend him if you need Periodontic surgery. Lindsey will schedule an appointment whenever you want one."

-Barbara Grassl in Milwaukee, WI | Sep 12, 2017

"Highly skilled and competent - Dr. Sehler and Lindsey are a great team! Every detail of my procedure was explained to me at the consultation appointment and they constantly kept me updated during the procedure itself. My appointment went smoothly and comfortably. Also like the new location!"

-Pam in Waukesha, WI | Aug 19, 2017

"Outstanding! Dr. Sehler is the best. He took care of my parents and now is taking care of me. Best service. Modern and up to date. Would not go to anyone else! Thank you Stanley for all your good work!"

-Jeff Schwartz in Milwaukee, WI | Aug 19, 2017

"What can I say; serious yet funny; craftsmanship yet he wears glass; I swear he's the type of dentist I would recommend to get your Implants done right the first time, only if you take care of them; but don't forget he's good when it comes to Brewers and the Green/Gold."

-Paul Leistikow in South Milwaukee, WI | Aug 18, 2017

"Dr. Sehler is always helpful during appointments and works with you very well. Makes the process very easy."

-Donovan Gregoire in Jackson, WI | Aug 10, 2017

"I went to Dr. Sehler Many years ago when I had a cracked tooth that was part of a bridge. He cut off the bridge and extracted the tooth, then did a bone graft to build up the bone before doing the second implants, he then did the implant for the tooth that was extracted. Sends you home with a bottle cold water and a care kit that has everything that you might need. That was done on a Friday and Saturday morning he calls to see how I am doing. By the way that was the best extraction I ever."

-Dennis Burdick in Milwaukee, WI | Aug 09, 2017

"Dr Sehler was very understanding and helpful. He took time to explain what was going to be done and what was happening at every point of the procedure, to the degree that I felt at ease and not anxious. He was very caring and compassionate . He called me the following day to check on my well being."

-Rena Gershowitz in Milwaukee, WI | Aug 08, 2017

"Very pleased overall, somewhat complex issues that were dealt with very professionally with successful results."

-Greenfield WI | Aug 05, 2017

"Dr. Sehler very friendly, straightforward and accommodating to patient needs and schedule. He clearly explains the procedure, time required and post procedure recovery expectations. He and his staff work with insurance process and will make adjustments to each patient's plan to facilitate the process, if needed. The office is very clean and bright. Parking is abundant with easy access to his office."

-New Berlin, WI | Jul 27, 2017

"Dr. Sehler is competent, friendly and very forthright. He explains procedures and instructs patients very well. I give him strong recommendation."

-Don Giacomino in Mequon, WI | Jul 25, 2017

"Very knowledgeable and thorough. With his treatment and my following his instructions, I've saved my teeth and my gums are healthy."

-Waukesha, WI | Jul 10, 2017

"I had a successful implant and soft tissue allograft with Dr. Sehler.  Dr. Sehler and his staff were thorough in both the explanations of the procedures and the care I received during and following the procedures. I would recommend Dr. Sehler to family and friends who were looking for an experienced periodonist."

-Menomonee Falls, WI | Jun 30, 2017

"Extremely professional.  He is very easygoing and made my experience as good as possible.  Pain free during the surgery. As Dr. Sehler put it, my worries were 'more mental than dental'."

-Grafton, WI | Jun 23, 2017

"I have been seeing Dr. Sehler for about 7 years for treatment of periodontal disease.  Treatment has been successful and I love returning for check ups and getting A plus grades.  I wouldn't think of seeking care elsewhere." 

-Sharon Nytes in Plymouth, WI | Jun 22, 2017

"Dr. Sehler made me feel like I was a very important patient.  He explained every aspect of the procedures and my follow up care. Lindsey was also very caring and personal during every office visit and phone call." 

-Delafield, WI | Jun 19, 2017

"I would recommend Dr. Sehler.  I felt comfortable and the best part, pain free!"


-Milwaukee, WI | Jun 18, 2017

"Dr. Sehler & Lindsay were absolutely wonderful they explained the procedure, they made me feel very comfortable and most important I had no pain!!!  I would recommend this office to any and everyone."

-Cedra in Greenfield WI | Jun 10, 2017

"I recommend seeing Dr. Sehler!  He is a very good Doctor!"

-Cary, IL | May 05, 2017

"Utmost professional."

-Milwaukee, WI | May 01, 2017

"I had dental work done and I was expecting pain afterwards.  I was able to go thru my day with no problems.  Second day, no pain, discomfort or swelling.  Dr Sehler and Lindsey took good care of me during the procedure. I am very thankful to be one of his patients!"

-Soledad in Wisconsin | Apr 30, 2017

"Dr. Sehler and Lindsey are a great team, I am very happy with the care I am getting at their office.  Dr. Sehler explained everything to me and listened to my concerns."

-Milwaukee, WI | Apr 21, 2017


-Dan Ciriacks in Brookfield, WI | Mar 17, 2017

"Dr. Sehler is wonderful! I underwent a dental implant with him earlier this year.  He is very personable and explained the procedure in terms I could understand.  He took the time to listen to and answer all of my questions and concerns.  Throughout the procedure, he made sure I was comfortable. He truly cares about all of his patients.  Dr. Sehler is top-notch!

-Kelly C. in Milwaukee, WI | Jan 31, 2017

"I have had two procedures by Dr. Sehler and am happy to report that he is extremely professional and proficient at his trade.  His attention to detail is especially noteworthy.  Both procedures went seamlessly and painlessly.  I would have a third procedure by him if needed."  

-Oak Creek, WI | Jan 19, 2017

"Had a very good experience With Dr. Sehler.  He was very accommodating with my hectic work schedule.  I needed a bone graft repair for an implant that was about 10 or so years old performed by some other periodontist.  The procedure was done with great results, I really appreciated the time he spent on preventive care and maintenance."

-John K in Brookfield, WI | Jan 11, 2017

"Dr. Sehler and Lindsay were great - scheduling appointments was easy, information provided always thorough, process was smooth and I am extremely happy with the results.  Absolutely no issues and very good people to work with."

-Susan U in Milwaukee, WI | Jan 06, 2017

"Very good experience with the doctor and his staff.  He is very skilled and my procedure went very well."


-Rick B in Thiensville, WI | Jan 05, 2017

"Dr. Sehler recently completed a dental implant for me, which included a bone graft, and I am very pleased with the result.  He is highly experienced in doing implant work and was an excellent communicator throughout the process.  I would highly recommend him."

-Jerry S. in Wauwatosa, WI | Dec 31, 2016

I'm very happy with Dr. Sehler!  My dentist Jay D Preston did me a great favor in recommending Dr. Sehler for my implant.  The process went very well even after an additional complication arose during the implant process.  Doc Sehler gives his full attention and shows his concerns for my health and it is greatly appreciated.  Thanks Doc!" 

-John Brandt in Franklin WI | Aug 18, 2016