Oral Hygiene
(Periodontal Disease Prevention Procedures)

Periodontitis starts between the teeth. Therefore, considerable effort is placed on oral hygiene procedures that adequately clean between the teeth. Most of our patients are asked to purchase a Waterpik. This is a water irrigating device that reduces the bacterial colonization between the teeth.

Toothbrushing is focused on effective cleaning between the teeth. We use a soft multi-tuft nylon brush and encourage patients to jiggle the bristles between the teeth. The bristles are angled at a 30-45 degreee angle relative to the tooth.

Emphasis is placed on the inside (lingual) surfaces of teeth where more debris accumulates and effective oral hygiene is more difficult because of limited access and limited visibility.

A rubber tip interdental stimulator increases circulation to the gingival (gum) tissue, toughens the tissue between your teeth, and helps contour the interdental gum tissue.

Following pocket elimination surgery, we encourage patients to use a rubber tip interdental stimulator and a Waterpik as well as brushing and flossing twice a day. Using a rubber tip interdental stimulator is not necessary following periodontal surgery for treatment of gingival recession.