Periodontitis refers to inflammation of the structures around the teeth. Your mouth is the most contaminated part of your body and contains several pathogens. Effective oral hygiene will reduce the bacterial colonization on the teeth and will reduce the incidence of both tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Periodontitis is caused by enzymes produced by bacteria that adhere to your teeth when your oral hygiene is ineffective. These enzymes destroy the gingival collagen fibers that connect the gum tissue to your teeth. This causes deepening of the space between the gum tissue and the tooth, resulting in a periodontal pocket (5mm or deeper space). As this disease progresses around your teeth, it will result in destruction of the collagen fibers that connect the bone to the teeth (periodontal membrane fibers) and result in loss of alveolar bone supporting the teeth.

Dental x-rays show us the length and contour of the roots of your teeth. They also show us the density of your alveolar bone around your teeth and whether there are any cysts, abscesses, fractures, or other abnormalities in or around the roots of your teeth. We measure the percentage of the alveolar bone loss and the contour of the bone around your teeth to determine whether regenerative periodontal procedures are indicated.