Each adult tooth needs an adequate zone of non-moveable (“attached”) gingiva so that you can adequately brush and chew without discomfort. This attached gingiva provides a barrier against further gingival recession.

Gingival recession often occurs when the root of a tooth (or teeth) are malpositoned toward the cheek or lip. The bone over these teeth is very thin or absent. Gum recession will easily occur in areas where there is underlying alveolar bone recession.

It is important that you use a soft brush and non-abrasive toothpaste to prevent gingival recession. Overzealous brushing is harmful. Use of toothpaste with baking soda or bleaching agents are often very abrasive. Brushing correctly and use of a water pik will prevent gingival recession.

Our protocol for oral hygiene is to first do sulcular brushing with a soft brush, then use dental floss or dental tape followed by use of a water pik at a moderate level of pressure. Please use a water pik at right angles to the spaces between the teeth and use it on both sides of each tooth.

After periodontal surgery, use of a rubber tip interdental stimulator is frequently recommended. This device will stimulate the circulation in your gum tissue, toughen the outer layer of your gum tissue and adapt the gum tissue firmly to the root surface of the tooth.